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We’re here to tell you all about the inspiration for our pilot project called...IN TUNE!

We’re a TEAM of filmmakers, and music industry experts interested in ASSISTING artists, mentors, studios and advertisers alike in actively pursuing and SHOWING the CREATIVE PROCESS of the singer-songwriter through healthy COLLABORATION.

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We will bring you various genres of music, and travel the country to explore a variety of settings, uncovering UNIQUE TALENT wherever we go.

Understanding our role as visionaries, we aim to CONNECT the pieces of the puzzle in a POSITIVE and FULFILLING way for everyone involved!

Seeing as we’re creating an entire pilot around the significance of SHOWING you step-by-step HOW this process works, we are also WALKING THE WALK by taking what we believe to be the first steps necessary in HEALING an industry – the MUSIC INDUSTRY – that we care so much about!

We’ll go more in depth each episode as to what is happening today in the music industry, and tackle the difficult questions such as:

  • why are artists’ residuals diminishing at an alarming rate?
  • how severely are artists being affected by free downloads?
  • what can we do to get the word out?

It’s called COLLECTIVE ACTION – the art of working together to achieve a common goal. Find out how important it is to support our effort.

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